Monthly Archives: April 2016

Allow user ec2-user (Amazon AWS) write access

To allow user ec2-user (Amazon AWS) write access to the public web directory (/home6/producw6/public_html/blackmoretech), enter this command via Putty or Terminal, as the root user sudo: chown -R ec2-user /home6/producw6/public_html/blackmoretech Make sure permissions on that entire folder were correct: chmod -R 755 /home6/producw6/public_html/blackmoretech
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Turn on Network Discovery for Windows Server 2008 – 2012

If you are unable to see your Windows Server 2008 - 2012 in your network, here is how to fix that: Make sure that the following dependency services are started: DNS Client Function Discovery Resource Publication SSDP Discovery UPnP Device Host Configure the Windows firewall to allow Network Discovery. To do this, follow these steps:…
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