Monthly Archives: January 2018

Insert data into two tables of different databases on same instance

If both databases reside on the SAME MySQL server (and use the same user and password to connect). You simply establish the connection without picking a database, then put the name of the database in front of the table name like: INSERT INTO myDBname.myTableName (myKey) VALUES (myValue); If you have a connection to one database…
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SSH zip only certain types of files recursively on Linux

If you are looking for a command to run via ssh that ZIPs all files (of a certain type) recursively here you go: 1 - Switch into the website folder, then run zip -R YOURZIPFILENAME '*.php' '*.html' '*.js' '*.css' 2 - You can also run this from outside the website folder: zip -r YOURZIPFILENAME website_folder…
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