Summer EV3


Class 5/15 Stuff:

  1. Click here to DOWNLOAD instructions on how to build "the sentinel".
  2. Click here to download the program.
  3. On 5/20, for those who have NOT completed "the sentinel" challenge will have about 20minues at the beginning of class to show us.  Than we will move on to or next and final challenge.
  4. Here is a list of those who have NOT completed the challenge:
  • Nik
  • Gideon
  • John
  • Matthew
  • Isacc
  • Eric

Class 5/8 Stuff:

  1. Build this, see below two images.  I will put up instructions later on this week but NOT right away.
  2. Try and have "the sentinel" built and ready for 5/15.  During class that day we will work on programming it.


Class 5/8 Stuff:

  1. If you DID NOT finish the line following program/build; please do so and show us at the beginning of class on 5/13.
  2. If you DID finish the above, than you need to start the next project which will be a 3 legged robot -- one correction it must have 3 points of contact on the ground.  1 CAN BE a wheel, the other 2 MUST be legs that walk!
  3. I will post some ideas later on this week. But the main idea is for you to use YOUR ideas to come up with a design and code.

Class 5/6 Stuff:

  1. Get the EV3 software installed and working.  E-mail me if you need the MAC version download link, or have problems!
  2. Build AND program a robot that can follow a wall... MUST NOT touch the wall. Use the ultrasonic (or infrared sensor).  Wall Project, Click Here for more info!
  3. You will have 5/8, Thursday, to work more on the project
  4. Starting 5/13 at the start of class you will show us your work!
  5. See below PDF files on how to build a basic robot, AND programming tips.
  6. Here is the answer to the line following program:

Here are the files you SHOULD look at: