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How To Modify An Existing DHCP Scope and Subnet

After searching through a lot of tutorials and  how-to's I created a step-by-step tutorial of how to change a DHCP scope.  Probably because you are running out of IP's to had out from your DHCP server.  First here is a IP Subnet Calculator. CMD: netsh dhcp server \\”Server name” scope “scope subnet name” dump>c:\dhcp.txt Take…
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Windows computer is not accessible on domain network error

If you get a message that says "Windows computer is not accessible..." and you are on a domain network here is the fix that generally works: Go to your DNS on your domain controller Look for the FQDN computer you are trying to access in the list.  It will MOST LIKELY be the wrong IP…
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DHCP service not starting

Basically, the DHCP service service would not start after they experienced a power outage.  After a quick investigation I quickly discovered the DHCP database was corrupted.  I found this out via the Event Logs > System. The DHCP database is located here: C:\WINDOWS\System32\dhcp\dhcp.mdb I just went in (after making sure all client computers were off)…
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