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Partition Assistant – Manage your Space

If you are in need of increasing space on any drive (mainly in regards to servers), I highly recommend this tool: AOMEI Partition Assistant (PA) A great tool that is easy to use and works! Just a few notes: MAKE A BACKUP OF ALL DRIVES BEFORE STARTING! - DO THIS, don't be lazy and regret…
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How to delete recovery partition

If you want to re-use a drive (maybe as a spare or what-not) sometimes there can be a recovery partition on it.  Here is how to delete it so you can have a 100% usable drive: Step 1. Open the Diskpart application by either typing in "Diskpart" (without the quotation marks) into the search, or…
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Adobe Premiere cache folder cleanup

I ran into a disk space problem today with Adobe Premiere.  Basically the application creates a media cache when it imports media and that media cache seems to default to the system drive in the user Library folder. This cache can balloon in size over a period of time.  After some Googling I found this…
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