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SSH zip only certain types of files recursively on Linux

If you are looking for a command to run via ssh that ZIPs all files (of a certain type) recursively here you go: 1 - Switch into the website folder, then run zip -R YOURZIPFILENAME '*.php' '*.html' '*.js' '*.css' 2 - You can also run this from outside the website folder: zip -r YOURZIPFILENAME website_folder…
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FTP PowerShell Script

Automated PS script to run a FTP via Windows Task Scheduler using: Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -command ".'C:path\to\SCRIPTNAME.ps1' optional argument -WindowStyle Hidden For console testing, use Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned¬†¬† or --bypass   [sourcecode language="plain"] # Location where csv file is to be created, with results from query. $dir = Get-ChildItem -Path "PATH TO DIRECTORY HERE" | Sort-Object…
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FTP using WordPress and Amazon Web Services

Recently I started using Amazon Web Services for hosting and what not... some way cool stuff there.¬† Something I immediately ran into was this problem: When I installed WordPress I could NOT install any plugins and/or updates, through the WordPress interface because it would not let me use SSH2 with my PEM key that AWS…
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