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Use Active Directory to retrieve computer last logon date

If you need to see when a computer last logged onto your domain, here is a quick command to achieve that using PowerShell Active Directory shell: Get-ADComputer -identity [COMPUTER NAME] -Properties * | FT Name, LastLogonDate To look at all computers in your network. Change the -Identity switch for the -Filter switch: Get-ADComputer -Filter *…
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FTP PowerShell Script

Automated PS script to run a FTP via Windows Task Scheduler using: Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -command ".'C:path\to\SCRIPTNAME.ps1' optional argument -WindowStyle Hidden For console testing, use Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned¬†¬† or --bypass   [sourcecode language="plain"] # Location where csv file is to be created, with results from query. $dir = Get-ChildItem -Path "PATH TO DIRECTORY HERE" | Sort-Object…
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How to set up safe senders and blocked senders in Office 365

When you set up safe senders and blocked senders for mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365, mailboxes store the safe senders and blocked senders for each user independently. This resembles the behavior in earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook.¬† But here is how you can setup rules organization wide, check out this article.  
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