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Transferring a WordPress Site

If you are needing to transfer an entire WordPress site (entire meaning EVERYTHING) than here is the plugin you need! https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/ Install it, activate it. Go and make a backup/transfer of your entire site Upload the 2 files it creates, installer.php and the backup zip file to your new site Go to your new site…
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Display code snippets in your WordPress Posts

A good plugin to use if you are wanting to display code snippets in your post is SyntaxHighlighter Evolved.  It will very nicely display: PHP, MySQL, HTML, etc... code in a nicely formatted code box. Setup only takes about 30 seconds, than for immediate basic usage just warp any code you want in <pre> </pre>…
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FTP using WordPress and Amazon Web Services

Recently I started using Amazon Web Services for hosting and what not... some way cool stuff there.  Something I immediately ran into was this problem: When I installed WordPress I could NOT install any plugins and/or updates, through the WordPress interface because it would not let me use SSH2 with my PEM key that AWS…
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