Exchange 2010 and Store.exe

I recently added RAM to an Exchange 2010 server hopping to free up more memory; but it didn't  Upon looking at the task manager I noticed a task called "store.exe" was taking up most all of it.  After some searching to find out why here is the answer:

The above link is chock full of great info about why store.exe will consume tons of RAM.  I'll sum up:

Store.exe no longer has a database cache limit, it will consume all RAM available minus 2GB approximately.  It monitors the system itself and gives memory back to the system as it's needed.  It's dynamic.  IE: It's normal in Exchange 2007/10 to see store.exe eating up most RAM, it'll give it back if it needs to.

Read the link if you want the big huge in-indepth answer.

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