Move shared folders and retain file and share permissions with robocopy

If you have ever had to move files from one server to another (or even computer to computer).... you NEED to use ROBOCOPY.  It is a built in Windows tool, simple to use and way faster than "drag and drop".  I originally asked the above question on SpiceWorks and wanted to share what I found out (and worked).  You can read the full responses here.


Move files with permissions:

ROBOCOPY "\\servername\sharelocation" "\\newservername\newsharelocation" /MIR /SEC
  • the /SEC switch retains NTFS perms.
  • I have used the above command now MANY times with 100% success.

Learn more about ROBOCOPY

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  1. GSCopy Pro v6.0 (RoboCopy Alternative) with Open File Agent
    GSCopyPro is a single command-line tool (CLI) that can copy, replicate and move files from one folder to another. This folder can be on the same machine/ server or another server elsewhere. What makes GSCopyPro stand out from other competitors is the fact it works on 32-bit as well as 64-bit systems and has no restrictions. It can easily be scheduled to run as a scheduled task and fully automated. GSCopyPro also comes with an open file agent which can copy files that are locked/ opened by other processes. This feature is supported in all windows versions from widows XP/ 2003 and later.
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  2. use robocopy