Windows Installer and Dell Trusted Device Manager Error

If you recently (or whenever) gotten errors in regards to the Dell Trusted Device Manger due to Windows Updates, I have found a fix that might work for you.

Here was my problem: I recently upgraded my Windows 10 machine to the latest release (1709 - Creators Update); upon computer restart the Windows Installer would keep opening up and not letting me do ANYTHING, it would just hang and not let explorer.exe load the rest of my screen up.  The only way I was able to run anything was doing a CTRL+ALT+DELETE and than going to my task manager and launching programs thru that.

After about 3 days of troubleshooting and reading thru error logs (with eventvwr); I noticed under the Application logs there was quite a few msiinstaller errors, all logging about the Trusted Device Manager... again; after lots of searching and tying - it finally came down to bad registry entries causing the installer to fire off but with no install files!

SOLUTION (that worked for me):

Downloading and running the free edition of CCleaner.  Yes, it worked by removed the broken registry installer entries. Thus over 3 days of about 5hrs of trying things, running the CCleaner tool in about 2mins took care of that problem.  Download the tool here.


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